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Welcome Back!!!  No School, Monday, September 4th!!!
Meal & Milk Prices_______________________
Breakfast $1.55 $1.70 $1.75
Reduced Breakfast $0.30 $0.30 $0.30
Adult Breakfast $2.50 $2.50 $2.50
Lunch  $2.55  $2.80  $2.90
Reduced Lunch $0.40 $0.40 $0.40
Non-Compliant Lunch -------- $3.06 $3.16
2nd Entree $1.25 $1.40 $1.50
Adult Lunch $3.80 $3.80 $3.80
      Milk (Choc & White)                                     $0.35           $0.35          $0.35    

Converse County School District No. 2 wants to ensure that no child goes hungry. Meal Loans are reimbursable meals a student can charge to their meal account when their account has insufficient funds to cover the cost of the meal. A Meal Loan becomes a negative debt on the student(s) account that must be repaid. The purpose of this loaner policy which is to be adopted by all schools in the district is to be proactive in parent notification in an effort to control loaner balances. Parents and/or guardians are responsible to maintain their child(s) account throughout the entire school year. This policy guidance is to standardize processes for handling loaners through the school district. This policy is to permit the receipt of reimbursable meals only. There are no provisions to allow loaner balances for any á la carte items. Each student may use two (2) loaner meals, therefore each student account will be allowed to charge two (2) meals.

Students will be provided an Alternate Meal when loaner/charge limit is exceeded. This Alternate Meal will be designated by the Nutrition Services Program Administrator and meet the USDA nutrition guidelines for a reimbursable meal.

A No Charge (no loaner) policy takes affect for the remainder of the school year starting the third Monday in May. During this period students will be given the alternate meal and not permitted to incur negative balances.

The district offers PFI (Pay For It) to our parents to fund their student’s lunch account(s). Please go to www.cnv2.k12.wy.us click on Cafeteria Menus/Pricing to get instructions and set up an account.

Elementary Schools (K-6)
When the student(s) account balance reaches $5.10 (K-4) or $5.60 (5-6) or less, the campus cashier will verbally remind the student that they need money in their account when they come to cashier. Cashiers will provide a daily balance report at the end of the day to campus personnel to inform them of loaner status. Additionally, cashiers will coordinate weekly balance letters to be sent home with students. For the first two loaners, the student will be required to phone parents to inform them that they need lunch money for the next day. After the second loaner, the campus cashier will provide the student with an Alternate Meal. A total of five alternate meals may be provided, during which time the cashier must inform the campus principal of the child(s) status.

Secondary Schools (7-12)
When the student(s) account balance reaches $5.60 (7-8) or $5.80 (9-12) or less, the campus cashier will verbally remind the student that they need money in their account when they come to cashier. Students will be reminded of low balances until a negative loaner is reached. Cashiers will provide secondary principals with a weekly negative balance report of all students with loaner balances.

On the date of the first and second loaner, the cashier will inform the student to bring money or a lunch the following date and explain that the Alternate Meal will be provided after two loaners. After the second loaner, the cashier will retrieve meal choices selected and provide student with the Alternate Meal. Every attempt will be made by the food service cashier not to embarrass the student.

A total of five alternate meals are provided, during which time the cashier must inform the campus principal of the child(s) status.

Special Circumstances
Upon investigation and documents, the principal may be able to complete a Meal Application on behalf of a needy student whose parents are unresponsive. This process will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Point of Service Collection Procedures
Collection procedures used in Converse County School District No. 2: Money and student I.D. numbers are collected at the end of the service line and the cashier verifies that a reimbursable meal has been served.

Cash Accounting Procedures and Policies
1. Once a payment is credited to a student account, the parent must send a note if they want the student to withdraw funds.

2. Checks will be deposited for the full amount into the student account. We will not return change for any portion of the check. Non-sufficient funds (NSF)/returned checks will be charged a $20.00 fee. Parents will receive a letter in the mail requesting payment in full for the check and the fee. If the account is paid in full (including the fee) within 30 days, the parent will be allowed to pay by check again. If the parent is sent a second NSF letter, no checks will be accepted from this time forward by the District from the parent. The district has online payments available.

3. The daily sales will be recorded and stored following the current USDA guidelines.

4. All school meal service monies shall be deposited to the Nutrition Services bank account and reconciled accordingly.

5. Free and reduced price lunches are served to those students who qualify according to established federal guidelines. All free and reduced lunch applications are approved and notification letters are sent from the Nutrition Services Central Offices. Each day, an electronic free and reduced update is sent to each campus computer. All verification of free and reduced lunch forms is handled through the Nutrition Services Central Offices.

6. All students will receive a hot lunch if they have money in hand to pay for the lunch without regard to whether or not they have a charge balance.

7. Students who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals will always be provided a meal of some type, even if the student owes money.

8. The school may prohibit a child from charging a la carte meals or seconds if they have negative account balances.

9. Schools can deny a meal to a student who pays full price and who does not provide the payment for that meal or provide an alternative sack lunch as set forth above.

10. Parents will be responsible for paying for student(s) meals and any charges incurred prior to submission of an application for free and reduced lunch (and after the 30-day carryover period, if applicable).

11. Once it is determined that a delinquent account is not collectible, it shall be considered as a bad debt and treated as an operating loss, which cannot be absorbed by the non-profit food service account.

12. The district will provide a copy of this policy to all households at the beginning of each school year and to transfer students.

13. Converse County School District No. 2 may, if it is unable to collect the delinquent meal charge, turn the matter over to a collection agency to pursue collection and/or refuse to award the student credit until the unpaid charge is paid in accordance with W.S. 21-4-308. If it is determined after six (6) months of efforts to collect delinquent accounts that it will not be paid, the district may consider it a bad debt and treat it as an operating loss. Documentation of collection efforts shall be maintained.

14. The district is committed to ensuring that all students are able to participate in the hot lunch program. Parents of a student with a negative balance may contact the school(s) Food Services Department for information and support in providing their child with a healthy, quality school lunch. 

Last Updated: 7/31/17
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